Are the requirements of becoming a Top New Author?



I am a new author (member from February) and my sales reached 30. Why am I not including top new author March 2017? I was very disappointed on Envato professionalism, because Top highest new author in March at 29, while sales reached 30. Are my friends who can help me? I felt very discriminated against.
(Sorry if my English is not good). Thank You very much!


When the first track was approved?


The first track was approved on 7 March 2017


Strange, you must be in the top new authors


You did not delete anything? There were no rejects in February?


I never deleted the track that has been approved. But there is one track that I uploaded on february rejected. But, if he had been rejected makes people fail to become the top new author?


I think the reason is this. The count starts from the moment the first track is approved or rejected


Sorry, I think the reason it does not make sense, because “Top New Author” is calculated from sales, rather than the issue of uploaded.


Envato have to explain this to me!


Sales are considered for the first month after approval or rejection. If the first track was approved or rejected in February, then sales are considered for February. Unfortunately you will not get to the top new authors


Yep,unfortunately Emsti-Pro is right.
You’ve picked wrong strategy for becoming top new author.
I was in the same position and decided to create account early in febrary insted of late january and started slowly uploading new tracks to get in top.
And it worked :slight_smile:
But, you’ve created account in febrary and got reject in febrary than I’ve got bad news for you…


My the first track was approved on 7 March 2017


Uppps sorry!!! I was wrong to write. I mean, the other items are rejected on 10 March


But, you said:


Sorry friends, I mistyped, the truth is: The first track I uploaded on March 7, rejected the other items on the 10th of March.


It seems that the new author counts not from approval or rejection date,but when he did first upload submission.
And in your case it looks like you did first upload somewhere around 24-28 of Febrary


Oh no. Calculations start from approved, not of submission. This is already evident from the account friends who managed to be the top new author.


Don’t know what to say.
Try right a letter to Envato Support.
Maybe they will make everything clear


Number 1 author has first item approved in 2015.
How top new author then??? :roll_eyes: