Want to Travel while Working Remotely.


I am working on a Startup for Nomads who want to travel while working remote.

Right now I am doing Survey. It will be great if you can fill this survey. It will take 1 minute only.


I’m not going to beat around the bush… your survey is pretty bad! I’m going travelling at the end of May, so your post was of great interest to me, but after reading through the questions, I won’t be completing the survey. Sorry for being blunt, and it’s apparent that English isn’t your first language so nobody can blame you for trying, but hopefully my comments will help you in your endeavor…

How much you are interested to travel with nomads while working remotely? Its not necessary that you must work remotely.

I don’t quite get what you’re asking here. Maybe a preamble explaining what your start up does would help. If I have the option to work or not work, then what is it that I’m expressing interest in? Is it just travel companions, is it an organised trip, a travel agency that targets remote workers, an employment agency?

How much money you can afford per month?

I need to know why you’re asking so I can tailor my answer. Do you want to know my total monthly income, my total disposable income or how much I could spend every month on travelling. I’m guessing it’s the last one, but do you specifically want to know how much one can spend on travelling, or how much they can spend on your service? If it’s your service, then I need to know what’s included, so I’ll know how much money I need for the stuff that isn’t included. Do you offer, flights, accommodation, food, drinks, do you source work for people?

Everything else seems ok, but you’re going to have trouble getting people engaged enough to fill out the survey if they’re not entirely sure what it is they’re answering questions on! Hope that helps.


+1 @SpaceStockFootage

Plus, why would I EVER give you my name and email address if there is almost zero info what exactly is the purpose of this survey? All we know it’s something about startup focusing on digital nomads.

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Its upto you. I am just getting this survey so I must know how much people interested and how much they can spend. So according to that I will make the trip. Even till now our website is not ready but we are looking on survey.


Interested in what? How much they can spend on what? What trip?

These are the questions that people need answered before they can express interest.

I think this survey is not for you. You dont know the real meaning of nomad and remote work.

Till now 400 people fill this form without any question because they know the real meaning.


well, let’s see how many of those people will actually become nomads :slight_smile:

I understand the concepts of remote working and digital nomads. Nomad List was high up on my research when planning my trip…

I must be missing something though, as my understanding of a digital nomad is somebody who can work from pretty much anywhere they can get an internet connection… as a result, they’re not tied to a geographical location, and can therefore travel around. That could mean a selection of different coffee shops in the same city, or more often than not, it means travelling the world, or parts of it.

All a digital nomad needs to start ‘digitally nomadding’, is an internet enabled device, an internet connection and a means of travel. Food, water and shelter would also be nice. So what I’m not quite getting is what it is that you’re offering? Is it one of those things? Nomad List is a Startup for Nomads who want to travel while working remote. Is that what you’re offering… a website with info and a means to connect with other digital nomads?

Or how about Hubud: http://www.hubud.org/

That’s a shared working space for digital nomads… like a kind of hot desking space that can also offer food, accommodation, business support, training, post boxes etc. Both are companies set up for nomads who want to travel while working remote, but they;re both very different offerings.