Working on Audiojungle whilst living abroad

Has anyone lived abroad whilst writing music for audiojungle? Me and my wife are thinking of moving to another country but can you write stuff and earn money without a working visa? Does it count as working in that country?

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I think you have to tell us from where to where you want to go. Each country has different law.


Its a bit of a gray area and depends if you get caught working. You wouldn’t be declaring tax to the new country and if you’re planning on staying longer than a tourist visa allows then you’d need to start declaring income. If you’re on a long holiday or travelling break I personally wouldn’t bother. Think of how many people have monitised travel blogs/vlogs. I highly doubt they register for tax while they’re working on their writing or videos abroad. Where are you thinking of going and how long for? I’ve considered taking working breaks abroad for a few weeks here and there. To be on the safe side I would just upload my music when I got home.

We’ve not got a concrete plan but my wife and I were just exploring the possibilities of working abroad for a year or two in somewhere like Thailand or the surrounding area. I’m making about $300 on here working a day a week writing so if I wrote full time I’d hope I could make that a lot more but it was just exploring how it’d work with visas and taxes.

It’s sometimes best not to ask these questions and just do it. :wink::grin:

Officially, no, it won’t be legal to stay for a year working on a tourist visa. Yet, tens of thousands of foreigners with online jobs (digital nomads) do just that, seemingly without problems.

They prefer people with money who will spend it in their country over people who travel and run out of money, creating problems.

The working regulations are more intended to stop foreigners from stealing “real” jobs from the locals.

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Try and find other people in Thailand. Maybe drop a few some private messages, i’m pretty sure there will be quite a few digital workers who’ve sorted it all out.

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It is ilegall! Although, I’m pretty sure that you can live in Thailand with ability to work as a freelancer with no permission to work there. I’m full of doubt that all those freelancers, who live their for a while from all around the world, pay any taxes:) However, I suggest you to talk with your tax lawyer.