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Hi! I just booked a trip from Canada to Netherlands in October. I don’t know a lot about those regions and wanted to ask You folks your input on what I could do and what to visit . Any favourite place? Some warnings maybe? I’ll be there for 6 weeks, so I’ll have some time to travel to other countries.! FYI, I’m landing in Amsterdam and will be staying in Maastricht for a couple of days. If possible, cost-effective ideas would be great…the Canadian dollar sucks right now! But hey, Gonna fill that inspiration jar! :smile:

Don’t head any further north if you’re looking for cost effective! This is a bit of a generalisation, and there are quite a few exceptions, but the further north you head in Europe, usually the more expensive it gets.

For example, some places in Spain you’ll get a beer for $1 (about $1.75 is more realistic though, more in big cities), some places in Norway you might pay $10. I think Amsterdam isn’t too bad though.

If you’re under a certain age, I’ve forgotten what it is, you can get a European rail card type thing… unlimited train travel over a certain period.

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u are right, now it looks like that in estonia for instance, which is rather north all the same, u can enjoy a meal or a main course for 1€, which is something that u’ll not get any where in any other of the countries that i ever been to lol. I am not sure this is a true a friend of mine had told me , maybe some guys from there can confirm or not :wink:

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Yeah, that’s one of the exceptions. Poland’s quite reasonable as well… but Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark etc. Not the most affordable countries!

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yes, as for what i know about it , the problem is that salaried are high here but the cost of life too, so in other words, this maybe still ok wen u live there but if u ever turn out to travel there , this is hard not to pay much …

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Thanks for sharing guys! Love all of you going to the south idea, I always wanted to see Spain, now would be a good time. I will look in some countries in that area. Do you know if they are easy ways to get from Netherlands to the southern countries ? Train I imagine ?

Do you care about nice weather at all? If so, another reason to just go south from Amsterdam. Scandinavia/UK are definitely worth seeing but the best months would be June-August since the weather is generally quite terrible in Oct-Nov (as well as Dec-March…).

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it depends on what people like , some people actually like cold temperatures indeed

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Serbia is not expensive country, and have nice weather. :wink:

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Rome is a must see. What else, Berlin, London. If you like bycycle tours or mountainbike action head to the black forest. Can’t recommend it enough!


i dont agree

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Weather is not my priority but, I usually like nice weather more than bad weather so it would be a plus definitely !

London is definitely on the table, you know …abbey road! I have a friend living somewhere in Germany, if I’m lucky it won’t be too far from Berlin. I am a bit sad that I’m going to miss the Oktoberfest in Munich tho, it’ll be for another time! Thanks for sharing!

Hey guys, Just a quick update. Thanks for all of your replies. I’ll finally head to Dublin and England, and after that to Switzerland. Got to see those mountains once in my life! I’ve taken notes of your recommendations for my future trips, i think Scotland and Spain would be my next destinations after this trip. Europe here i come!