Anyone create while travelling/commuting?

Hey everyone,

Does anyone create while commuting to work or travelling? What is your best strategy to stay productive?

My commute recently grew and I have about 40min in the AM and 40min in the PM to work on projects.

What sorts of projects (blogs, music, profile design) do you work on?

For me, as a fulltime stock music producer, I find it hard to work and travel in the same time. I can only concentrate in my studio, so it’s good to have 2-3 weeks rest from music production.

I don’t take a laptop with me also, because of temptation to have some work done.

I travel a lot while on tour, so I bring a mini studio with me to do projects and revisions if they’re requested. Anywhere I go I have my scaled down studio with me. I honestly can’t leave without it.

Every morning I catch a tram from where I live to Envato HQ. Depending on the traffic the commute can be between 30 and 40 minutes. That’s just over an hour each day in transit. It’s also some of the most productive time I have during the day. Headphones go in and I can focus on sending that a really important email that needs a lot of thought, writing a long article or doing a bigger piece of analysis.

If there’s nothing big that needs my attention, I’ll spend the morning trip planning my day, and work through all the emails that I received the night before (Envato’s got a tonne of employees who operate around the world so we don’t really have a “close of business”).

If there’s nothing going on in the evening, it’s audiobook time. Anyone who wants a productivity hack needs to get into listening to non-fiction audiobooks.

Anyway- in short. Transit time = super valuable.

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