How to speed up your workflow for envato?

Recently there was many discussions on different speeds of work from author to author. So, does anybody have some good advice how to speed things up? I don’t mean mass produce and saturate the market, rather just some useful tips to optimize your time when you work :slight_smile:
I know for example that my problem is when I produce music I tend to spend waaaaay to much time listening to it in the process, so I end up wasting 1000% more time than it’s normal…

One that might surprise some:

Stop producing! Oftentimes that 30 minutes spent away from the desk is going to get you finished faster than brainlessly tweaking stuff (often when you are too tired to hear anything anyway).

Along the same lines:

Know what you want BEFORE you start. Nothing wrong with tweaking sounds and going crazy, but having some sort of plan and even writing it down before you actually start working can be a huge time-saver!

Oh, and caution with listening to your stuff too much - it’s easy to get used to the mistakes in the process! :sunglasses:


My secret of fast producing - working hard. I work 2-3 month without weekends. I created many tracks and try to produce them better and better.
When I start working at Audiojungle I spend 1-2 days to arrang, record and mix one song. After creating 100+ items I can arrang 2-3 items per day (some styles faster, some styles longer) or mix 4-5 items per day. :slight_smile:

Hi @WaveToys!

If you listen to it a lot, as you say, you might try to focus, what actually you do every round. Try to restrict each of those playbacks to a specific element, issue, or evaluation of something very narrow and specific. If you rule out “mindless” listening over and over (I have similar habit, so I understand your frustration) you might notice some speed-up and better workflow.

Hi @WaveToys
See this article from Emanuel Abrudean
10 tips to unleash your musical creativity

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Perfection is a fancy name for procrastination. Get frequent before you’ll get effective! :rocket::muscle:

Work and just try to make each thing in a process a little faster each day (faster composing, faster editing, faster eq-ing, faster mixing using presets and templates, faster uploading to AJ, etc.) Just find where can you speed up the workflow by utilizing the tools you work with effectively.

And once again - get frequent with it, don’t try to make everything perfect ever. Just repeat it a lot and make each rep faster than previous one.

I spend time on it, too, because I like to listen to my tracks in the process

  1. Wake up naturally at around 4:00 AM, where do I want to musically go today.
  2. Coffee
  3. I have an idea in my head, what’s missing in my portfolio.
  4. 06:00 Skype call to or from Jamie in Australia.
  5. 07:00 Skype call finished and time for coffee.
  6. Start a track, depending on complexity - if it is a monster track (40 - 50) individual tracks is the norm.
  7. Render all tracks to individual STEMS for mixing.
  8. Coffee
  9. Mix takes about 30 minutes.
  10. Mastering takes about 15 minutes.
  11. Coffee
  12. Upload to Soundcloud, then Adrev and finally to Audio Jungle.
  13. Coffee
  14. Render final track to MP3 and export to Ipod.
  15. Bedtime listen to track.
  16. Regret certain mistakes and omissions in track.
  17. Ready for the next day.
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Wow dude, that’s what I call full time producer :smiley: