AJ and work when you travel.

Hello audiojunglers. I`m interested how much people on aj writing music when they traveling.
I mean work with notebook, non-integrated soundcard and headphones.
Me and my girlfriend is going to drive somewhere.But i know i must write music.Everywhere.
Im interesting to seek a new eqipment for this.

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That’s something I’ve been thinking about lately. I’m also interested who is making music while traveling and how it works for them. I’ve done some research and found this http://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/iloudmm/ . These monitors have good reviews, but I haven’t have an opportunity to try them out yet. This is probably good idea to have some monitors in mobile studio setup, because headphones are not enough to get the right sound in my opinion. Headphones (even the best ones) trick you with instruments levels, overall musical space and most of models add too much color in lows and highs. Headphones are good to create about 80% of a song, but I would never finish the song only with Headphones …but that’s me :slight_smile: .

Yup, traveling now and working. Headphones can suffice if you know them well, but I was just thinking I should get those iloud micros for future trips. I own the first generation iloud and it sounds awesome, but it’s a single stereo speaker - not the greatest for mixing. I’ve finished two tracks on the road so far and they’re in the queue. I have an apollo twin with me as well as an apogee one which I recorded guitars and vocals with. I’m carrying a travel acoustic guitar and all my other equipment goes in a backpack that fits under the airplane seat. I use a tiny akai keyboard controller and for pitch bend and modulation an app on my iPhone haha. My nephew here has an electric guitar so I’m gonna try a rock one soon. :grimacing:

I really like writing on the road. I feel like you get inspired different ways when you’re out of your normal environment. :monkey:


First “road track” is approved :slight_smile:


Sounds great! I have to try finish something on the road next time:)

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Sounds nice. I feel the mood. Nice work man :slight_smile:

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next road track approved hehe…one more in the pipeline…

This will be very interesting. !))) Im waiting.

You can check out the 2nd one in my portfolio: https://audiojungle.net/item/party-pop-dance/19224803. Third one will probably be next week if approved. :slight_smile:

I use SubPack + Focal headphones for monitoring. It’s really cool to make music on the road, but tricky sometimes)
I also use my laptop, smartphone and ear pods for mix and mastering check!


Subpack what is it?

It’s a game changer)
Like a subwoofer in a backpack)

Hmmm. And how much it costs?

wow, never heard of the subpac before. really wanna check it out now. though i happen to hate that feeling of bass shaking your body - i wonder if i’d find it unpleasant…but it seems like it might be a good tool even at home.

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Nice track man. I love it.

I found this.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m about to order this subpac, thanks for sharing :smiley: First music purchase of 2017 :gift:

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It’s really useful tool! My congratulations :slight_smile:

Wow! Youre in review team now! Congrats. Thanks for approve my last work!
Do you have a new works which you write on the road?