Waiting, waiting, waiting for verification email

I am attempting not to be annoyed, but my patience is running thin. I purchase a theme on Thursday and can’t activate because I have not gotten the verification email I need to produce the required token. I have submitted two help tickets with no response to either one. So far, I am not impressed and wonder how long I give it before I look for another theme elsewhere than Theme Forest. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hey @LiveLoveSubscribe, sorry to hear you’re having issues verifying your account. Please note that both your tickets have received a reply (on Friday and yesterday, both roughly 3 hours after tickets were opened). I’m assuming that what’s happening to our replies, is the very same thing that’s affecting your verification emails: Personal domains can have filtering or spam features which prevent email delivery from certain domains. In these cases, changing the email address on your account temporarily to an email address with a standard domain such as @gmail.com or @hotmail.com can help you gain access. As such, please open a new ticket via http://enva.to/Help and kindly provide an alternate email address, so our team can assist. Thanks, and apologies for the added delay.

I am sorry! I just realized about a half-hour ago that I am the problem.
When I changed the nameserver for my domain I did not correctly do the MX
files. Forgive me!! :slight_smile: Thanks for your quick response…and the other
responses too.


Hey @LiveLoveSubscribe no worries at all, really happy you figured it out! :slight_smile:

Again, I am sorry I was a jerk. I just reread my original post and I literally cringed.