W8 for Enskild Firma (Need help from fellow Swedes)

Need some help from my fellow Swedish authors. I have my company as an “enskild firma” and are filling out the W8. Should I choose as an “Individual” or “Corporation”? At first I though “Corporation” but I can’t figure out the “Chapter 3” section. So I’m starting to think that I should register my “Foreign Tax ID” as an individual instead. Is that correct? Would be good if I got this right regarding the US withholding tax.

Grateful if anyone could help me get som clarity.

Edit: This has been solved. Enskild Firma is supposed to use the W-8-BEN form as an individual.

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An Enskild Firma (EF) is actually not a tax entity by itself, just a registered bolagsnamn connected to your personnummer, as you can see on your registreringsbevis and when filling in your deklaration. You have inkomst av näringsverksamhet, but that is just another inkomstslag that will add up to your personal inkomstskatt. So for all international tax purposes, you are not a corporation, but an individual.

Go Sweden :sunglasses:

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Yup yup. That much I know. Men tack!

I was just worried about how the US looked upon the issue. But go that solved pretty quickly and of course shouldn’t be different from here. But you never know.

Haha, lovely swenglish! :slight_smile: