Visual composer issue...need urgent help


I recently bought a creativo 5.0 wordpress theme from and the visual composer along with the layer slider and revelution sliders were working beautifully. But suddenly last night as i was designing my site and updating it, i got a header loading problem and figured it was the screets chat connection that causing issue so i deactivated that plugin…then suddenly my layer slider showed up a problem and then my visual composer WPbakery needing update from codecanyon.

my issue is my layer slider plugin and visual composer plugin everything came with the theme. and now it is not working. It is very urgent for me as i am using wordpress to launch a website quickly and am new to this cms. having moved from joomla i thought this would be quicker but am having horrifying experiences. please help me. how do i rectify this. I am afraid of deleting my layerslider plugin and reinstalling it as i don’t want to be charged for it since it came with the theme. what should i do?

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It’s important that you have the right version of VC and Theme, must be The Version packed with Theme! Or see in the changelog form your theme!

I have also an issue, when i give some German Text in Yoast SEO Database Fields!