Visual composer not working, looking for help


Hallo everyone,

I updated the theme, but I cannot update the Visual Composer plugin. It gives an error. It
probably has to do with the theme update. To solve the picture I’d like to put on my welcome page I added the pictures in sliders. I set the slider to fixed, so the slider is
not moving. It does solve the picture problem for now but it’s not what I’m looking for.

I can only can upload pictures by using the Revolution Slider but I
cannot upload pictures in the Visual Composer plugin. I can upload
the pictures in the media library but when selecting ‘single image’ or
‘image carousel’ the image does not upload. Could you please let me know what do I have to do or, if it’s an issue with the template, please fix this bug?

Looking forward to hearing from you.




Here is the support information for that theme -

The author @Laborator may have an idea why VC is not working correctly.