Visual Composer does not work. What this error means?

You need to update Visual Composer to v4.11.2, which will provide the required fix for that particular error, and which will make VC compatible with WP 4.5. If you received your VC as part of your theme, the theme author is required to provide you with that update, so check if a theme update (which will also includes an updated VC) is available.

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If the author wont provide un update. If i purchase vc 4.11.2, that it will solve the problem?

Provided that your theme author didn’t modify the VC version that came with your theme, buying your own license of the standard VC version should fix it. But it really depends on whether your theme author made changes to VC, and if so, what kind of changes, so you should inquire with your theme author first, if s/he is still available. If the theme is still supported, the theme author should, however, provide you with the required update.

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Thank you very much!