WordPress 5.3 and Visual Composer Compatibility Update

When upgrading Visual Composer WordPress 5.3 Compatibility the aedirtor stops working. an update is needed

I assume you mean WP 4.5.x, as there is no WP 5.3. And an update to make VC compatible with WP 4.5.x has been available for weeks now (VC v4.11.2), with the latest release for VC being v4.12.

[quote=“focoprendido, post:1, topic:53414”]
Visual Composer WordPress
[/quote]If 4.5.3. When I update Visual Composer WordPress wp does not edit the pages that are already created. Update your fears today.
Apologies for my English because I use google translate

Make sure you emptied your browser cache, caching plugins and reset any CDN services you might be using, as the required VC update includes changes to underlying JS files. If your browser is still using outdated JS files, despite having updated to the required version, it would explain why the editor is still not working.

If your VC came as part of your theme, make sure the theme authors didn’t modify VC, in case you updated using the standalone VC version. In that case, you should contact the theme author for an update.

The latest VC release (v4.12) is fully compatible with WP 4.5.x.