NEED HELP QUICK!!!! Visual Composer


I am using the Credence theme. I am a noob in coding/non graphic design… but i had this imported to be like the demo even when i installed it… I have been using it for 1.5 years almost and all of a sudden my visual composer is gone…?
It is the only way I know how to update it and my client is wanting a bunch of changes doen and I can get no help…
please save me! :slight_smile:


Most likely you just updated your WP to v4.5.0, while using an outdated Visual Composer version. The only VC version that is fully compatible with WP 4.5 is VC 4.11.2. If you received your VC as part of your theme, the theme author should provide a theme update that also includes the updated VC version; otherwise, download the most current VC version from CodeCanyon.


where do i check for the update the only thing i see they want to charge me 35.00? for a new license


Then you received your version of Visual Composer bundled with your theme and the theme author is the one responsible to provide you with the required update. So check if a theme update is available, that should hopefully also include an updated version of VC.


I emailed SH-themes for the update… but in my wordpress it shows theme up to date…


Your theme might not be set up to support automatic updates through WordPress, and in that case, it will not show you that an update is available. Usually, when theme authors publish an update on Themeforest, buyers will receive an email notification though. You can also simply check the official changelog for your theme, to see when the last udpate was released and what changes were made.


This is good to know. My Hudson / Edge theme update came through today, though I’m not sure ThemeForest has a viable link to it (it still shows as v 1.3), and the updated VC is now 4.9.


The most current release for VC is v4.11.2, which is the only one that officially and fully supports WP 4.5.x, so the theme author should hopefully provide a new update soon. Have in mind that some theme authors modify their VC versions to better suit the theme, and so it can take a little longer, until an update is available, as the modifications have to be repeated for each new VC version. In very rare cases, theme authors also change the way version numbers for their VC version are counted, but as I said, I have only seen that once or twice so far.


Thanks. I don’t mean to hijack or anything, as I think my issue can probably help the topic starter’s state of mind. In my limited experience with WP upgrades, it’s kind of odd that a non-‘whole number’ update would cause such a ripple effect. I think that likely has to do with WP cleaning up some jQuery syntax that will no longer work, but I’m sure there are other reasons.

The issue I’m facing is that I was prompted to update by the theme dev themselves, and it’s still not working. I’m not sure they successfully uploaded to Envato. That’s got to be the most likely scenario, anyway.

Oh well. At least my site’s still in dev.


where do i find my changeloig?


That is something you need to ask your theme developer. Most theme pages on ThemeForest also provide a direct link to the changelog somewhere in the description.


Well, WP 4.5.0 made a lot of core changes, particularly upgrading the included jQuery library and the jQuery Migrate file, which is now causing issues with many plugins. :slight_smile:


A simpleton’s view:

2 x 2 equaled 4 yesterday, but now today it doesn’t?

Oh come on!