visual composer - bishop theme - I can't edit page content


I have updated my site theme. I have installed the included version of the plugin WPBakery Visual Composer, that is 4.12. The problem is that now, I cannot edit existing pages content. When I click on an element (block text, section with background, etc) I get a popup to edit ‘Vc row Settings’ but there’s no way to edit the section content. You can see it in the following picture:

I don’t get any errors on the browser js console. The version of wp: 4.6.1. The version of woocommerce: 2.6.4. The theme has been updated to the last version: 1.6.4.

What can be happening? Thank you!

You need to ask this question to theme developers

hovewer, i see options for BG image even on your screenshot, from dropdown menu “background style” choose image and you will see more options

For every block I want to edit I get the same (section, text, image, etc). Always Vc row Settings. And, in the selector, the options are always the following:


I was no getting an answer from theme devs and that’s why I’ve posted here. I’ll keep trying.Thank you.

Ye, you can select image/parallax from the list and then will appear option to upload and choose image :slight_smile:

Are you sure you are running the required PHP version? 5.5.x or higher

Hi, yes I am. Despite I have to upgrade to PHP 5.6 or higher, now, my server is running PHP 5.5.9. I’ll try upgrading anyway. Thank you.

Unfortunately, I have updated php to 5.6.27 and Visual Composer keeps failing. In Woocommerce status everything seems to be ok. Something could be broken between VC and the theme :frowning:

Finally I found the solution. I post it in case it helps someone. There wasn’t any bug between VC and the theme. The problem was in Visual Composer settings. Somehow, around 8 custom shortcodes appeared inside “Settings > Visual Composer > My shortcodes tab”. I deleted them, and now, everything works again :slight_smile:

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