Violation of Exclusivity

Hello everyone !
i am very stressfull today i got an email from envato and they wrote that you sell your product in other marketplace as well and wait for our reponse of violation .
It was just by mistake that i have upload an item now is anyone knows what will happen ?

How could you make such mistake if you only have 8 VH items in your portfolio? Anyway, you should delete Envato exclusive items from the other marketplaces, delete non-exclusive items from your exclusive account or change your exclusive account to non-exclusive.

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Your Videohive account is set to “Exclusive” with Videohive, which means you cannot sell the same items on other marketplaces.

You have 2 choices:

A) Request that your Videohive account be set to “non-exclusive”, which comes with a much lower commission rate, but allows you to sell the same items on other marketplaces.

B) Remove the Videohive-exclusive items from the other marketplaces in which you are currently selling.

The case is currently being reviewed by Envato Support, so it may be in your best interest to open a ticket with them to find out if the case can be expedited.

Can i delet those items from Envato becuase other marketplace doesnt have any policy to delet the items?

You can do whatever you wish with any of your items. But when your Videohive account is set to Exclusive, anything you sell on Videohive may not be sold elsewhere.

Thanks but i dont want my account to be banned i can remove them from envato and than create other products its possibale ?

Sorry for asking too much

If you want to enlist an item to all available websites (Envato, etc.) then Envato account should be “non-exclusive”, and you earn like 30% of the sale or so.

If you want to earn more, and be exclusive with Envato, you should delete every item from all the other websites.

As previously described, these are your options:

You may also remove any Videohive items from your Videohive account.