Moving some projects to my non-exclusive account

I want to sell some products as non-exclusive. I know that is now possible as project-based. It has to be in account-based so I created another account as non-exclusive and I am putting my non-exclusive projects there. But I also want to move some of my exclusive projects to non-exclusive.

In order to test it, I removed one of my exclusive project and I uploaded it to non-exclusive account but the Reviewer rejected it and he says he is not authorized to do this action. Then who? How can I move some of my projects to my non-exlusive account.


99% sure this is not allowed and once items are deleted they cannot be resubmitted (under any account).

Your best option is to talk to support

Envato Authors Help and Support

You can’t do this way, you can only create new items. Re-uploading is prohibited

You can contact support, ask for permission to do so, if it is granted then delete your item and reupload on your non-exclusive account, then mention the support ticket in the message to reviewer box.

This has been done countless times in the past, but I think reviewers get picky with items that have a lot of sales as all existing customers will lose the ability to download it after you deleted it from the main account.

Thanks for help guys, as far as I understood, I shouldn’t have removed my project, I should have asked videohive first. But I will explain the situation to support, I hope they will understand my situation and will solve it.