Non Excusive To Exclusive AGAIN

I thought of changing my account to non-exclusive. But I have many questions in mind.
1/ After the change is it possible to take my same projects and put them in other marketplaces?
2/ What if one day I decide to go back to exclusive? Is it possible?
3/ And what about my projects that I already put in other marketplaces during the non-exclusive period?
Thank you for providing me with answers I would be grateful.

  1. Yes, after you go non-exclusive you can sell your items elsewhere.
  2. Yes, you can go back to exclusive again.
  3. You will need to either remove those items from other marketplaces or from VideoHive prior to changing to exclusive again.

Also keep in mind that all those other marketplaces will have their own rules for projects. Sometimes really absurd ones. This will mean you will have to edit every single projects structure and or will have to redo the preview with at least different music. And in some cases you will need to remove certain elements from preview altogether.

  1. Carefully read every marketplaces rules. Some won’t let you remove projects for 30 days after deciding to remove, others will request to keep them online after publishing for 12 months or even 2 years. So going back to exclusivity won’t be as easy as flipping a switch.

Just my few cents :smiley: