Can I upload exclusive projects deleted to non exclusive account again ?

so I have deleted some of the projects some time back from my portfolio. can I upload to my non exclusive account. can some one help me. I never did that ? its first-time I am trying upload in these 8 years. is that ok with envato uploading rules ?


I think you can’t do it and it will not be acceptable. For getting official answer please Contact Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to assist you.


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This will not be allowed

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Thanks for helping out. Thank you.

@MotionMAX under some circumstances, we may be able to help you undelete a file. But a deleted file should never be submitted to a new account without written permission first.

Please contact Support if you’d like further assistance.

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you have a chance!

2 months ago, more than a year ago, I asked him to restore my deleted products for some reason and it was uploaded.

if you give your the necessary reasons, they would help.

Thanks, Motion Revolver, First of all, I am very glad you are helping out here by taking time besides your work. Thank you very much is there limit to files to undelete.

Its only two ae projects. I think its better leave it like that. I am Really glad Reviewers are helping authors here in a perfect way. Thanks for your generosity and you are my favorite.

example: this project has been reloaded.

I have deleted that because those files are widely distributed and noted lots of traffic coming from Pirate sites. after that, it stopped selling and I want to cut the traffic. so I deleted that project.

incoming mail

so you can request your deleted projects back. They brought back the projects I deleted five years ago.

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