violation of envato terms and conditions - BEWARE


what do you suggest I do when a developer violates their own terms and conditions and envato won’t refund the payment despite these terms and conditions. I have spent a month emailing the developer and Envato and they fraudulently led me to believe if I cancelled the dispute with PayPal they would refund my money, but they have not and won’t answer emails now.


For what it’s worth if there was a dispute in place then there could well be further delays off the back of this even once it has been cancelled, but with respect to your issues - we don’t have the full story in the forums and there’s no one here who can assist you properly to resolve the problem or how best to manage the situation without all of the details.

As such - going to close the thread and suggest you contact support again as they are the only people who can help. Envato Help & Support Center

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