Videos uploaded under motion graphics not listed in pending uploads

Videos uploaded under motion graphics not listed in pending Widget. Its almost 5hours now. What might be the reason?


I am noticing the same thing, did you figure out anything?

Has your issues fixed. I found same yesterday

Still the same. Uploaded around 20hrs ago. But not listed in pending list


issues not solved yet. no item show in queue

I have submitted a ticket regarding this.
Ticket reference is 3361820.
Will update you all once I get a response from envato team


Thanks dude!

Got listed after more than 2days. Still have the issue but it will get listed…

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Motion graphics Submitted Item appeared in elements but not showing in videohive market, not even queue. Which seems strange. @Visual_Vibes, @BenLeong, @KingDog

I have noticed some of my items listed in elelements which are not even listed in market… … strange and seems envato need to check this… all friends has the same issue.

same here. I hope they will fix this issue soon

I got a reply from the team

" I’m Oliver with the Envato Support team. I’ll be happy to help,

It seems like this was a temporary issue that has been sorted out. I noticed that your most recent submission shows as “pending for review”,
The item in question was also approved"

Now it has a little delay… thats a normal processing delay…
Thank you all

New motiongraphics items uploaded are not visible in VideoHive dashboard, too.

same here

stock video uploads not appearing for 4 days now

Issue is again in the system. Its 4 days still not getting listed in pending list

I’m new here, so maybe I’m seeing the same thing?
I upload the files through FTP along with a CSV with all the data. Motion Graphic files appear on my dashboard, so I do a quick check and then save them, then choose Next. After that, BAM!—files are completely gone.

I removed from the FTP server and did the process again with the same result.

Is this what should happen?