Submitted Clips not showing in Dashboard, anybody else got this problem?

Hi, the clips I submitted via the new uploader don’t show up in my videohive dashboard, is anybody else running into this problem?

My items are in Motion Graphics Category. I tested it with 2 submissions now, they never show up in the dashboard. First submission was 2 hours ago.

They aren’t rejected either, btw. Maybe they are still in queue, or they just vanish after being submitted from the new uploader.

@MarkBrodhuber can you please look into this?

Okay, now the first item appeared. Looks like it takes a couple of hours to appear in the dashboard right now.

I’m assuming it takes some time for things to process in the background and then may be a frontend caching thing causing it to not show up sooner. Either way, I do see one item pending from you in the queue right now. :grinning:

Didn’t take more than a couple of minutes a few days ago, so something definitely is different today.

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