Uploads not showing up in "Currently processing uploads" queue...

I recently started uploading stock footage and I noticed the last batch of clips I’m trying to upload won’t show up in the " Currently processing uploads" queue on my dashboard. Does it take a day or so to show up? Usually once I submitted an upload it would be there instantly, I didn’t get any error messages and left my browser open for 2 hours (the clips were all under 30mb each and only 4 clips). I tried re-upping them, same issue. Just want to make sure they went through.

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same issue for me. Uploads not showing in the “currently processing uploads…” after having properly upload and complete the forms…

Same here.

Hey guys, please open a Help ticket here so they can look into this: https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


will do! Thanks Balley


Allright. I got reply that says your files rejected and i asked if they hired Flash as a reviewer or not because as soon as i submit items they all vanished. No queue, no rejected mail, no nothing. I believe it was new uploader malfunction and it seems working now.

good to hear thank you for the update!

I am still getting used to the new system, I might have uploaded the same package several times, because of no queue appearing, no confirmation whatsoever after submitting, I am not sure if what I upload is actually getting queued for review or if it just vanishes in oblivion.

Same here

Hi,I’m in exactly the same situation as you.It’s frustrating.

Just a little update now, it seems to have been fixed, It kind of appears on the dashboard 1-2 minutes after hitting the submit button. (in the old system once you clicked submit it took 2-3 minutes to process) now it’s instantaneous but I guess there is some delay for the queue notice to appear that’s all … GREAT JOB !!

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