Videohive - Youtube Intro license Question ??????

hey guys
i brought a Intro AE item for my youtube channel [ REGULAR LICENSE ] i edited it and changed few colors for my likings and used it in few videos. Now i want to change the intro colors and other shapes for every videos i post am i allowed to do it with regular license.

Am i allowed to change the intro color and other stuffs multiple times or im allowed to edit it only once ???

help me plse

thanks cheers :slightly_smiling:

As i know you can’t use the same ae template for more videos even you buy a regular or extended license.
Here is the details of licenses:
I don’t know, wait a bit for other posts… Maybe someone disagree! : -)


using the same intro several times is okay as long as the videos you used them in are part of one series, for example your youtube channel. So one regular license is fine.

If you want to change the intro now for every upcoming video then this may require a new license for each customization.
It’s best if you contact support with all details about what you want to do and how the videos are related (or not).