Can I use videohive monthly free file to make YouTube intro videos?

Hey guys, I am looking for intro video for my Youtube channel. Videohive gives monthly free intro file. Can i use monthly free items (logo reveal) unlimited times for my youtube video?

Thanks for your time.

The free file is a free regular license. You can do the same with it as if you would have purchased a regular license of the template.

A regular license allows you to use the template for one end product, but one end product can also be a series of videos. As you want to use the template for one youtube channel, this can most probably be considered a series.

Especially if you do not need to edit the template again for each new video, but you actually just edit it once and then want to reuse the final video.

For more information it is best to take a look at the License FAQS or contact support :slight_smile:

Thanks for your advice.
But If i have several YouTube channel, can i use same video template?

Most probably every youtube channel will require its own license. Unless you can justify why every youtube channel is indeed part of one single series but then I would ask, why aren’t they one channel if the videos of both channels shall be considered a series.

You can contact support about your specific use case, they can give you a definite answer:

No. You can’t do it for several channel.
With one license you may render template only one time. And never change it. If you have youtube channel and need an intro for it, you may render template one time with your logo, and text, and colors. But after that, if you don’t want to buy another license, you may use only this rendered video. No changes for logo, for colors. and text on this video. Like you delete the template file at all and have only video result.
So if you have several youtube channels I’m sure have different text for it, different logos, etc. So you need to buy more license to use template again. Only if you want to use exact the same video intro with the same logo and text, you don’t need another license.

This is a rule of thumb but not always the case. I can purchase a Title Sting and use it 100x with different texts in the same final video, this is still one end product and so it is totally fine to render the template more than once.
Also, the series exception of the license does also allow multiple renders.

As I said in my last post, it is best to contact support. But multiple youtube channels will most probably mean multiple licenses needed.

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Yes, you right. But in this case we talk about logo reveal. Rule for it is much clear.

I can also use a logo reveal several times in a video. The license rule doesn’t change here.

Using different logos make it more likely that it is different end products but it is by no way certain that it can only be rendered once.

The strict restriction of your last post simply is not corresponding with the regular license on videohive in all cases.

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Oh. Actually you are right here.