VideoHive Gif file

Dear all, I am new to this so please excuse me if I am doing this wrong. So I have recently purchased a pack. I now have selected a title pack and imported into premier pro. How do I edit this gif file so I can input my text?

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GIFs aren’t editable file formats. Instructions for the files/project should be included in the download, but you can contact the author if not.

Thank you! looks like I will be contacting motion bear. Are there any drag and drop packs without the need to contact the author?

No item specifically requires you to ever contact the author, but there’s always going to be exceptions based on the complexity of the item, the level of knowledge of the buyer and the occasional other issue.

Edit: Wait… ignore the part I edited out. I missed the bit where you said you’d imported it into premiere pro. Sorry! Yeah, you need to be opening the Premiere Pro project. The gifs are usually just for previewing features and animations, and they can’t be edited.

Hi, thank you for the reply. so have I made purchase of previews only and not the actually project?

It’s unlikely, as the project wouldn’t have been approved for sale if it just contained gif previews. There should be a Premiere of After Effects project somewhere in the download.

Have you purchased Motion Graphics Template files (MOGRTs)?

There’s a very specific way to install these into Premiere Pro. In the title menu go to Graphics > Install Motion Graphics Template. The template will then appear in the Essential Graphics panel, where you can drag and drop onto your Sequence timeline.

Hi, so I have made the error. I was dragging the gif file and not the action project file. I’ve worked it out now. Thank you all for your help! Jaz