Hard reject - Need help

Hi, im new to videohive. my second After Effects project has been rejected. Then i recheck all my uploaded items. I saw a major mistake from me. that is missing captions in help file. i didn’t see it before upload. So anyone can give me a advise for this.
Can i resubmit it with captions?
will i ban?

This is my preview file - https://youtu.be/nftHet7Cn7w

Hello @VenFX!

I’m not a videohive seller but I think this AE project is too simple and short. There are some things you need to add; the current file has only videos with captions and descriptions to them.

Good luck!

Is any issue that i used footages from videohive stock footage?

No, you’re allowed to use video previews from Videohive in your preview as long as you don’t include them in the main downloads and credit the original authors.
If the issue was in the help file or there was something wrong in your preview, the reviewers would have given you a soft-rejection.

Thanks for advises. I’ll trying to do best.