Videogame music license

Hi there, i’m searching some music songs for my videogame, i’d like to be able to play it on trailers for the game aswell and i’m not sure what kind of license should i pick.


Hi. Standard fot small games and music mass reproduction if downloads/physical products exceeds 10 000 copies.

Btw what kind of tracks you are looking for?

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Thanks for the reply, i’m searching for 1 main theme for the game (main menu), 4-6 gameplay songs and 2 more songs for puzle areas (it’s a metroidvania-mining game), i’ll be released on Steam, GOG etc, i’m about to realease a Kickstarter to raise founds for which we’re also working on a small trailer, and then we’ll have a longer trailer for the Steam and other platforms, that’s why i have to make sure about the license because i don’t know how many times the trailers will be played or the game bought.

If you also ask for music style i’d like retron 16-bit kind, but some eletronic (no voices) would be nice too, i already have 2-3 songs faved.

Hi. For trailer or video placed on media platforms, like youtube, facebook, steam etc standard is enough. As license agreement says “Most web uses.” For an actual game - as RedOctopus said.