Music licence for videogame

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If i use Music Mass Reproduction License of a song for a video game i make, can i make the trailer as well or should i buy two licences, one for the game and one for the game’s trailer.
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I believe you need to purchase 1 Music Mass Reproduction License for the game itself and 1 license for the game’s trailer.

If it is a trailer that is going to be broadcasted on TV etc, you would need a broadcast license as well, depending on how big the potential audience reach is. If it is game trailer for web uses, you only need the Music Standard license.

I am tagging our unofficial music licensing expert @PurpleFog as well just in case something needs to be corrected :slight_smile:

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I agree with @MojoSoundtrack.

Although depending on the exact nature of your trailer things may be less clearcut. If the music comes from captures of the game, then you may be able to use the same license already bought for the game. But you would have to abide to specific requirements (music would have to strictly come from the game captures, and not be reimported as a music file in your trailer editing session).

In any case, when in doubt it’s best to contact support for confirmation, as only they can give you the official stance.

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