Video Hive Motion Graphics Uploading Error.

Dear Folks,

My Question is related to motion graphics. anyone out there getting this message while uploading the motion graphics content the way I got??

Here is the message and it navigates to a broken link.

" You have been chosen to try out our new upload tool for motion graphics. we can’t wait for you to try it out by clicking next " :pensive: and the annoying part is I never selected any new upload tool… What is it all about?

Use this link to get to the old upload form:

However, the new upload form should work now, if it is still a broken link for you you should contact support.

Requires a resolution of 2560x1440. What? I can’t see button “upload”. This is “stock footage” section. OMG!

Stock footage uploading is currently disabled. See in the announcement section of the forum.

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Thank you so much for your help. The above link is working absolutely fine.

I should have precisely mentioned in my question. my bad!. I am particularly looking for uploading abackground not stock footages.

yes! in the announcement section I had read about holding it temporarily.

Btw, Thanks for your valuable time to answer my query.

Please have a look on the red color box which has marked.

My reply was directed to AcV26 who was trying to upload Stock Footage.

Yes, this is for all users like this, envato did push the new upload form to all users. They missed to link to the old upload form somewhere, though, so just use the link from my first reply to get to the old upload page.

However, the new form should not end up in a broken link, can you post a screenshot of what it looks like when you press “Next” on your shown page?

Thank you for your quick response. it’s really appreciated.

Now, after clicking the “next” button its navigating to the new feature of uploading the files, multiple clips with FTP option. its really a cool option I must say.

I didn’t try this feature yet. let me use it and get back to you.

Once again Thank you.!

Dear Creattive,

As you had asked me in the previous post to share the screenshot when I press the “Next” button. I’m sharing with you now. Please have a look.

FYI : This error I received just now even after integrating with the new tool of uploading feature.

I will tag @KingDog to take a look at this.

@kingDog - Have you looked into the above issue? Or did you ask your developers to figure out why am I getting this issue most frequently.

I am trying to upload some background even now but its taking me to broken link.

Also, suggest me can I use other alternative link shared by creattive for now time being to upload the content?

The old upload form still works, and it is meant to be used for people who want to create their own previews.
So there should be no problems with you using the old upload form for now.

Thank you so much for feedback Creattive. I will follow the same. :slight_smile:

Dear Creattive,

I didn’t want to make a new topic So continuing here as it’s related to uploading.

You had mentioned earlier whoever wants to create their own preview, the old uploading URL still exists and they can create customized preview or Thumbnail.

But I happened to see the broken link of the same I think Motion graphics Authors are not privileged to use old pattern of upload anymore.

Link :✓&type=motion-graphics

Your feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi animedia,

yes, it seems envato has decided to completely drop the old upload form. However, the new form does accept custom previews when a zip-file is uploaded instead of a video file, so that should work now.

I’ve read in an old help article that the old upload form would be here to stay, but I guess that has been changed now.

The new uplaoder does have some bugs and quirks so I do encourage everyone who encounters any problem to open a support ticket here:

Only if support knows of the problems they can forward them to the devs to fix them.

I’ve zipped the main video (mov), the video preview (mp4), the image preview and the thumbnail into a single zip file, and try to upload this zipp through a new uploader, but it doesn’t accept this file. Where am I making a mistake?
Thank you

yes your correct.can’t display the old page.
New submitting system is unclear
Because of after uploading Main zip,Pre vido,Pre and Images ,But No submitting BUTTON BELLOW the page.
Only Save button disappear …

You are supposed to only put the files you are selling in the zip, not the previews.

make sure you have entered all fields, tags, description, etc etc. From time to time I’ve experienced already filled out fields to go blank again after I edit some other fields, so take a look around to see if anything is still missing.