Video Add-ons Category on Envato Elements

I have a LUTs Presets Pack that was approved in the Add-on category (Premiere Pro Presets) , but I cant sumbit it to Envato Elements. Will it be possible in the near future? Other similar marketplaces have already separated Premiere Pro / After Effects Presets categories.

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Great question @videologio - I’ll check with the Elements team to find out more about the best place for those items on Elements.

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Thank you @BenLeong !

Hi @BenLeong Ben,

there is any update on this issue?

@BenLeong I guess things ll stay as they are

Sorry for the late reply! I lost track of this thread when I went on leave over Easter.

I’ve checked with our Elements team, and this is already in their product backlog, but is unlikely to be added until a broader project for our item warehouse has been completed. Add-ons in Elements are currently part of the Design category, as they’ve historically focused on things like Photoshop Actions. Upload rights for Elements Authors are currently set by category (with a portfolio application required for access to new areas), so it’s unfortunately not a simple process to have one category that multiple author groups can upload to.

More Elements Video improvements are definitely on the way though, as video creators are our fastest growing customer group.

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@BenLeong is there any update?

No updates on this one, sorry - work is currently underway on the item warehouse, but that team is tackling Photos before they move on to other item categories.

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