Premiere Pro presets for Envato Elements

Hey! When the opportunity arises to add Premiere Pro presets to Envato Elements. The problem is that if presets are uploaded to videohive in the add ons section (where they should be) they cannot be published to Envato Elements. Everything works only if you load presets into the templates section (but this is not logical).


I support this issue. I don’t upload AE presets and PP presets, just because I can’t publish them on Envato Elements.

I know other authors who would like to publish their work, but are waiting for the possibility of publishing on EE

Please consider this option. It will be win + win for you and the authors, EE will get new clients,
point of sale authors


Hello! I support this idea, I also want to be able to upload Premiere Pro Presets and After Effects Presets to Envato Elements.


I fully support everything said by the other authors above. It is very important to do so. AE/PP presets have a high market demand from customers because of their ease of use and convenience. I believe that presets should definitely be on the market for Envato Elements.


Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve been aware of the gap for some time, and our team is actively exploring options to add support for Video Addons on Elements.


I also agree with everything said above! I have several preset packages waiting to be added to EE. In order not to confuse customers, we must add this category to EE


Mark, do you have an estimated launch date for this category?

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