Vector rejected. Please read the topic to make it clear.

Hello, guys! Can somebody tell me why my vector was rejected? This is a fully vector file with the named layers, so I chose the Vectors -> Characters category, all layers were unlocked and no open paths were available.

The preview and thumbnail files were called rabbit-girl_preview and rabbit-girl_thumbnail, all was loaded correctly. All files were less than 1Gb as required.

As the rabbit was wearing a medical face mask I thought this would be a commercial utility - the rabbit could be used for a poster announcing a party of students from a medical college or something like that. But I didn’t write anything like this in the description. The description was short and it described the image + I mentioned the file formats available in the pack. They were EPS and JPEG.

The Help File included the following information:

Hello there!

Please read the following instructions to make it clear. :slight_smile:

A character mascot is created with Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.

It includes 4 easily editable layers:

  1. Clothes and Accessories;

  2. Lingerie;

  3. Body;

  4. Background.

The vector illustration is drawn with the help of an Adobe Illustrator pen tool and simple geometric figures transformed to integral objects.

I had two clear images 590x798 and 80x80 + 1 EPS file pre-packed, nothing distorted, all is clear cut. I have no idea what is the reason for my image was rejected.

I have attached the preview and the thumbnail.

girl rabbit_thumbnail

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hi buddy thank u for your message
indeed, i think that u have a few issues in terms of execution, if u ask me , some curves, like the ones on the hip (right side) doe snot look pretty natural for instance. The hands look a bit “awkward” sorry to say just this but i did not find any other formulation, i guess u did your best no doubt and i rather like what u have here but some parts are not yet high level enough for GR (where the big dogs play as usually say lol). There is something not super pretty natural about the hand with the object inside , too , it looks like that the object is going in between the fingers of the character and that makes the thing look not natural and realistic enough … also, there is a symbol on the shorts , u have some black inside and honestly this is making the thing look not super good … eyeballs are missing, the shadows of many parts of the body or head are missing too (like under the nose for instance, so that it makes your illustration look a bit artificial …)
otherwise to be honest i have trouble to identify what are the changing colors in the middle of the body all about … is that shadows on the body or is it sort of a supposed outfit that miss rabbit is wearing? if this shadows, u have a problem about the coordination of colors , if this is an outfit , the problem is that it does not seen crystal clear … BTW the shadowing on the leg is not properly executed this should be a different color and much more on the sideway of the leg
pls tell me what are the elements under the character pls? i cannot understand in my case and i think the problem is probably the same for other people and i believe act u can identify that this is a problem, right?
finally the illustration globally is too dark … i would suggest u to really bring something clearer in the back also to value the character in the foreground

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Oh thank you so much, friend! Well, the symbol on the shorts was made as if it was a hole in them)) I meant it to be the hole but… as I’ve understood people consider it to be the symbol, so this is my mistake.
I’ve made the clothes, accessories and the body located in different layers so it was possible to remove the clothes and edit the lingerie))
Oh, one more thing: the colors in the middle of the body are the color of her fur.
Now I know this was done badly) I agree as for the shadows and other findings you’ve mentioned! I guess I should improve my skills. Thanks so much again!

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oh ok the thing is that , look, if people can not identify it and wander , this is not really working, i guess u can understand … :slight_smile:
this is good for the organization that u mentioned
well for the changing colors in the mid of her body , i guessed so but indeed, colors do not look really realistic if u ask me, maybe reworking the color would help u to make the thing really way easier to understand i presume
no this was not done badly but all details matter and as i mentioned here the standards are going up all the time and they expect flawless things more and more … (also because of the saturation of all categories)

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I agree though this item isn’t possible to upload once more even if I correct it, so I’m going to consider all of your feedback when creating my next item. Thanks!

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no indeed, if u bring all the require changes, u can definitely consider that this is “significant changes enough” so that u can resubmit and sorry to say just this but as for my experience, all the people who say they all do next time usually come back with another hard rejections and the same mistakes being made …

I try to upload new items each time. May be they don’t like the idea or consider the item to be not commercially viable, so I don’t want to take a risk. Thanks!

it depends on u … good luck anyways :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much!

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