Please i need HELP to know the Correct reason ??

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i am still don’t know why my vector Reject. there is no full explanation for the rejection !! and if i ask hear i will get many reasons, all of which are just guesswork!!

So, how i can know the Actual reason? and why i can’t try to upload the file again after Reject?
i attached some of my vector file what is reject. and i need to now how i can know the reason?

one more think i attached one file why i found hear in market it’s similar of my design but they accept his file and reject my file i did not see any difference between my file and his file ?

So, Please i need clear answer so i can know the problem and i can fix it.

thanks for helping

  • this is the Example what i found her in Market

  • This is Some of My file what is reject

hi indeed i think that the main reason for the rejections is that most of them do not look good visually speaking and look old (global style for the first one and colors for the second one), most importantly , apart from the last one which is really really way better than the others . Now u still have an issue for this last one, as it seems that the motif is not seamless, which considerably reduces the commercial potential of the item and the interest that maybe generated by the concerned illustration … besides, u still have a problem of the same nature with other ones, none is actually being seamless and i guess that u can identify that this is not super convenient for users, as this will limit the use of your item to some circumstances exclusively. i am also conscious that the color or muslim religion is green but quite frankly the green u have selected does not look super good, which maybe a problem for non muslim “target”

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You are benchmarking against an almost 9 year old file - standards have changed

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yes u are definitely right, not to mention that the other one is seamless all the same …

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your work is wonderful. Why not sell these designs on other marketplaces? stock sites e.g.

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am sorry for late.

thanks for your answer. it’s really help me to Under stands this issue. :pray:

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Ok, if i need to know the standards, where i can found it? :thinking:

i have my design in Shutterstock, adobe stock, pound5. So if you know some go sites Please give me the Link, i really appreciate it :cherry_blossom:

u are welcome , think about it, it will help for sure :slight_smile: