can any one help me to Understand this ... Please

good day

i need your help this is second time to upload my file and they reject. and i receved this Massege
"unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again. !!"

i am new her can anyone explain me what is the Problem in My file Please and what i need to do to accept My file ?

you can preview My file from Below linke:

Hi! You should share preview image here if you want any feedback

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i already uploaded My file in linke there is no attached option so how i can attached image .


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this is My file

hi, in this case , hard to tell if u ask me, the thing maybe about the commercial potential of the item … but on the other hand, maybe if u had managed to reach a niche , maybe that could have been ok, maybe they did not like the difference between top left and bottom right , or the fact that the global style is rather crammed , hard to tell

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they only don’t like the Quality ! but i dont See a problem of Quality. and as you say the don’t like Between top and Bottom this is My desgin the Color sholdh like this i don’t see any Problem her may be you don’t like but ather one they like it. about global style as you side it’s style some one thay like.

i am still don’t know way they rejact … and this is not the farst time one time a add arabic style and also they rejact !!
See the attached photo this is arabic Backround why thy recjact i don’t know.

It’s too niche - you need to offer multiple designs in a set/different colours/layouts etc

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thanks for replay … But i don’t under stand what you mean … Can you Explane me Please .

It’s just one design - it doesn’t offer much flexibility which is critical to a stock marketplace.

If you create a few more similar designs/different colour combinations/layouts etc. and package them up together then it immediately becomes much more valuable

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I also think that this item does not have enough commercial potential. Also I don’t really like the visual performance. Traced textures and “bevel” effect look very outdated and not attractive


thank you so much for this Explanation it’s help me.

thanks for helping :slight_smile: