My Vector-Submission got rejected. Why?


I just wondered why this submission got rejected. I would love to hear the reason to improve my designs.
In the email i got was standing: “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”. What does this mean?
I appreciate any advice!

Thank you!

01_preview1 02_closeup

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hi is the item editable or not? if not this maybe an issue … otherwise i think that u have an issue with the presentation in a general way , as your presentation is lacking contrast and the central elements is thus failing to pop out enough indeed. In addition, in some version, according to me there is an additional work of shadowing to do so that the final result looks more realistic actually …

Thank you for your respond. I really appreciate it!! And thanks for the advice. The item is editable and you can change the colors in the illustrator file easily. But youre right: the contrast could be better! Thank you!

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