Using Videohive Equalizer on Youtube

Hi everyone!
Can I use regular licenced equalizer from Videohive to promote my several audio tracks on Youtube or I need an extended license?
Sorry for a noobish question)

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interested for this too, does anybody have some info ???

Tricky question but i think you need to buy 1 license per video, since they are not a single project.

Yes you can, as long as it qualifies as a series.

You mean I can if I’ll buy an extended license?

No. I’m not 100% about the whole qualifying as a series thing, I think that’s right though, but I know that you definitely don’t need a extended license for this. That’s only if people are paying to watch your videos.

You either need several regular licenses (unlikely) or one regular license (more likely). If it qualifies as a series then you can use it 52 times… you’ll need a new regular license when you get to 53.


It became clearer )
Thank you!

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