License confusion!


I’m super confused about this regular and extended licensing.

Three questions:

  1. Do I really need to re-buy a template each time I’m using it in video that I upload on social media?

  2. Client scenario - if I have a client that I’ve made a video for and decide to use a template do I have to buy the extended license? Also, Can I use the video myself or only the client?

  3. How do I prove that my videos with the templates are licensed once I upload them on social media, so it does not get flagged in other words? (Youtube, Instagram etc).

  4. A more specific scenario - What if I have an intro to my channel that I’ve used a specific template do I need to re-buy it each and every time I post a new video? What if I’ve used the same title from a template but changing the text? Does that classifies as a ”new product”?

  5. Is there anyway to contact VideoHive by phone?

Thank you very much!