Using templates to create stock footage

Hi! I am a photographer and filmmaker who have used Envato Elements for five years and the other standalone sites for 10+ years.

I have just begun uploading stock footage via Blackbox. My question is if I am allowed to use video templates to create stock footage? From the “correct usage of items” section if the FAQ it says:

“Items must be incorporated into larger projects or customized in a way which requires skill or effort” and “You are permitted to distribute end products in any and multiple media formats.”

My idea is that whenever there is an upcoming event or holiday, there should be a demand for video clips related to those event. For example: International coffee day, Chinese new years, new years eve, Norway’s national day, S.t Patrick’s day, 4th of July etc, or topics like covid-19, electrification, digitalization, environmental/green topics and so on.

Can I use Premiere and After Effects templates where I edit them with a font and text of my choice, maybe adjust colors and so on, and then upload those clips as stock footage? The way I interpret the rules, it says I can.

Thankful for your input!