Using Fonts on Websites


I need some help - I am not pretty sure if I read the FAQs right.

At the moment I am looking for a unique font for my website. I found also one that I would love to use. And I also use it in my Logo. Is it right, that I need to remove the font if I cancel my description? Or can I still use the font at the logo, because the logo was created while I had a description? And back to the Website - do I need to find a new font, after I cancel the description?

Thanks a lot.

May be you mean Subscriptions!

According to the Envato Elements license:

When an item is a tool (such as a font or add-on), single use refers to installation on a single device (and your license to continue using that item expires if you discontinue your subscription).

More info here:

Hey Thanks a lot - yes of course… the subscription :smiley:

But I did not get it to 100% (maybe because my English is not the best at all). let’s say… I create a logo (which is a combination of a graphic a word) during the subscription. I am still allowed to use the logo after I cancel my subscription? Or do I need then to change the font of the word-part in the log?

Thanks a lot!

yes, you are still allowed to use the logo if you have already finished the logo before cancel the Subscriptions.