Envato Elements license question


I just wanted to be sure that I understood the license agreement right.

It is OK to use fonts, graphics, etc in a design that will be produced and sold by another company (T-Shirts) if there are other graphics and/or creative work is put into the design?

Example 1: I use a picture of a 3d model, draw a background and add text.

Example 2: I usa a font from Elements and design a logo for a shirt.

In both cases the designs will be printed and sold by the shirt company. Is that use ok if I add a license for every new design?

Thank you


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Hi @bossjones - both of those use cases sound good!

You can see our Elements Licence page for full information on this:

Clause 5:

You can use an Item to create an End Product for yourself or for a client. If you use an Item to create an End Product for a client, then you can transfer the End Product to your client as long as you have followed the requirements in clause 3 and your subscription remains active. The right to use that Item as part of the End Product is transferred to your client with the End Product under the Limited Sublicense set out in clause 6.

If you want to use the Item again, Register it for a different Single Use (see clause 3).

Also, from the description at the end of Clause 13 (emphasis mine):

For clarity, End Products where skill and effort have been applied to incorporate the Item into a larger design (such as with text and other graphics/images) or used as product packaging are not considered merchandising, and are allowed.

Ok, thank you