Using Envato Illustrations to create Merchandise (eg. T-Shirts) to sell

Hello creative community.

I have a question that might be a little silly but I rather want to make sure I’m not in breach of any copyright/licensing rules.

I am busy building a brand and want to use illustrations from Envato Elements to put on merchandise like T-Shirts to sell.
To clarify more, I found a good few illustrations by various creators that I want to download and then use to produce T-Shirts and other merchandise for my brand. The final product I sell will be the actual piece of merchandise (T-Shirt) NOT the illustration as a stand-alone product.

Am I allowed to use graphics from Envato in this way?
Should I give credit to the creator?

Thank you so much in advance for any advice anyone could give me.

Short answer is no. You cannot use the images ( items ) for resale/sell again in any other way from Elements.
There’s one solution though. If the item you like is available for sale on GraphicRiver with “Extended license” option ( not “Standard License” ), you can purchase it with the correct license and sell it elsewhere.