My Company has now subscribed to a Team license. Can I still keep and work with content purchased

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I have been an individual Envato Elements subscriber for years now which I have paid for privately, but I’ve now managed to convince my company to sign up for a Teams license. I would like to discontinue my private license but just wanted to know if I can still use the content that I have acquired through my individual license.

In terms, if the development of the project is done, you could use the items after canceling the subscription but there may be some additional cases such as with fonts, you may need to remove the assets but in general, that’s okay.

  1. For fonts and add-ons, a Single Use is the installation of the Item on your device. The license starts when you Register the installation, and you can then use the font or add-on to create as many projects as you like, for as long as your Envato Elements subscription remains active. There are more licensing details for fonts and add-ons below.

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It says in the T&Cs “If you unsubscribe, you can no longer use items from Envato Elements. However, any existing uses that you registered are still covered.” I’m not sure what ‘existing uses’ means though. I produce marketing and software tutorial videos for the company I work for, so I have music clips, video intros, images etc. When I download anything, I always check the ‘Tutorial’ radio button. Does that count as existing uses? I have content that I haven’t used yet as sometimes you have to try out a couple of things to see which one works best. As these were downloaded as part of active subscription, can these be used still if my private subscription is cancelled and I switch to my company’s Team license? It takes ages to find the right stuff, and the though of having to look for them all over again is depressing.

Existing uses: You could use the items after canceling the subscription if the end-product is ready ( published )

You cannot use those items after/if you cancel your subscription. Although, you need to download/register the items on the new account ( company ) then you could use.