Using audiojungle tracks in videos under a CC license.

Hi, I’m fairliy new to this site and was thrilled to find a place where I can buy licenses for high quality audio for my videos. We are producing educational videos for a not-for-profit organisation.

One thing I was wondering and was not able to find in the licence or forums yet is: How does using auddiojungle content effect the licences, under which I can distribute my videos?

Since we see a growing trend towards open educational ressources in the educational field, i was wondering if my envarto licence would cover the use in a video, which i would release under a CC BY-NC licence, for example.
I understand that I buy the right to use a file in a single product. The easy case would be: I release my video under traditional copyright. No one else is allowed to distribute that video. But what if this product is re-distibuted by others under CC-terms? It’s stil a single, unaltered product, isn’t it?

Thanks for any suggestions.


This is tricky, because you’re not redistributing the music on its own, but rather your end-product. However, the CC license allows for any adaptation. The adaptations would be different end-products. It also allows for redistribution on any format (including audio only format). This would be straightforward redistribution of the music and would breach Envato’s terms.

So, I’d say using music from Audiojungle would indeed prevent you from sharing your work under CC license. This is my opinion as an author, you may want to consult Envato support for a more official answer.

Thanks for your suggestion, redistribution as audio only would of course be problematic. I could prevent this by using a licence that does not allow any remix or altering of the video (e.g. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 ) But would this be okay, then?

I might contact envarto support but am still glad to hear from anyone who has experience in using envarto content in projects under a CC licence.

For anyone that is reading this threat because they consider something similar: unfortunately Envato support was not very clear about what is allowed with their licences in regard to Creative Commons use.
In the end they suggested getting legal advice rather than clarifing their own terms of the contract. This was rather disapointing and I must say that it led me to the conclusion it must be better to stay away from files dirtibuted on Envato/Audiojungle. So unfortunately no help or insight here.

Had completely missed your follow-up posts.

The reply you got from support is ridiculous, albeit typical of them. It sure does looks like their legal team is a total joke, refusing to clarify their own terms (to the point that it makes you wonder whether they actually understand them), and telling you to ask your own legal counsel. I’ve received similar answers on different issues.

I do think you may be able to avoid problems with a CC license that prevents any modification or alteration. But my opinion as an author is totally worthless.

To my fellow authors: we lost a buyer because, once again, Envato support is unable or unwilling to clarify their own terms. What gives Envato? @KingDog @BenLeong care to give us an explanation about this?

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