Problem with client and licensing.

Hi, I’m the Audiojungle author but together with my wife we also runs an advertising agency. For one of our clients, we made a video which will be available on YouTube. My Audiojungle item is a part of this video. The thing is that the client is not willing to sign up on Envato to purchase the item by his own. I’m wondering how to deal with this issue. Is it possible to purchase my own item through my Envato account and then transfer the license directly to my client?

I’m 99% sure that you should simply purchase the item yourself in a same way as other people purchase it and use for clients projects. You can then include license code onto your clients contract to keep all things in order.

You’re allowed to use your own items in your freelancing work. There’s no need for you or the client to license it through AudioJungle. Obviously you can’t sell or give away any exclusive Envato item ‘as is’, but you’re ok to use your own items to create a larger ‘end product’.

Buying your own items can result in a permanent ban on the marketplace. So, never do this!