Used Salient theme after website builder installed. I have not idea how to update so I bought my own

Hi, I am just modifying my site after 5 years of not touching it and you can imagine the insanity of updating for someone who is not really a developer. I noticed I can update in two ways, with an api token via wp or via uploading. I went the plugin api route but it’s not listing my newly purchased salient. Also, if i transfer over to my new salient updated version, won’t i have to configure something so that my website stays the same? I backed up already. I am also afraid that when I bought salient it didn’t look like the latest version oddly - so when I install still this newer version I still have to update. Any advise please -thank you so much!

If you purchased a new license from Themeforest you also have an active support license for the theme - so I would suggest reaching out to the Salient development team via their ticketing system. They would be your best source of help with the upgrade process!

thank you all! I managed to get back up and running. I went and got the original from his account and downloaded the theme and in that theme were the two required plugins for the new salient which I also installed. This did the trick. Only issue now, it’s not working on a phone properly… But you are right, with my newly bought version I still have support so I will use it for that!