Bought Salient theme, struggling to understand what I own, how update

A freelancer put the Salient theme on my site (with WP Bakery). Wordpress is complaining it is outdated, but there are no update links like other themes and plugins.
So I came here and bought Salient. I installed it on another server to try it.
Don’t know where to login to see how many servers I can use it on?
Don’t know how to validate the install the freelancer did.
Do I need to go somewhere to buy WPBakery also?
Is there a salient site that I should be registered at?
There is alot of uncertainty here, I am hesitant to build sites this way.
Thanks for any help.

Just contact the author, he will be able to help you

You should be buying this and not them - you should be entitled to lifetime updates and 6 months support which will only be available to the purchasing account.

There is no such thing as a multi-site license, so you need to be sure that it is legit and not them using one license for multiple people.

There is ZERO reason for them to not create an app and register the copy of the theme using the purchase code. This will validate the license for the theme and would allow you the updates etc. that you are entitled to, even when they may have purchased the theme. This should be your priority request/action

Bundled plugin updates:
Bundled plugins so not come with license to update. This is done by the theme author. As per above if you purchase the theme, or if the app is setup correctly then this is simple esp. from an author as credible and respected as @ThemeNectar

How many servers.
1 license/purchase = 1 website. If you are using a staging environment then this is typically ok to do but you need to be cautious about activating elements to prevent confusion.

Buying the plugins separately
This is unnecessary (again if you purchase the theme or the app is set up!), plus often the bigger themes customize the core plugins so you could easily end up with other problems

I went to themeforest and got bounced around a bit, I send note that I hope reaches the author. Not sure of the relationship between themeforest and envato.
I am a PHP developer trying to adopt WordPress. The “zero reason” is that I am not sure what actually is? APIs? And I got lost in a flurry of envato sites. I watched some youtube videos about it and that confused me more. Is this some sort of ecosystem that competes with the standard Wordpress theme/plugin marketplace?
Sorry to be a dunce about this.

Have you contact the author of the theme? Just use the comments section and you will probably get the fastest response

Envato is the company behind ThemeForest which hosts thousands of items created by thousands of authors all around the world. If you need help with a specific item, you need to contact its author.