Updating Salient Theme & Not Losing Any Custom Formatting

Hey folks -
Sendng this question to the forum as my service contract ran out with ThemeNectar and would need to purchase another license to ask them directly, so here it goes…

I purchased Salient theme several years ago back when they were on v. 7.0.8. Now that they’re on Salient v12.0, I was wondering if it’d be more advisable to do a clean install of the new Salient and/or hire someone (for a modest fee hopefully :money_mouth_face:)to help transfer the old to the new. Are there turn-key services out there that do this? From the release notes on their website, it would seem that it’s really impossible to “upgrade” based on some foundational changes that have been made to the product.

If I’m going to be rebuilding anyway, is there any reason i should stick with that particular theme? I did put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears in doing a lot of custom work to it (even hired contractors to help), but now I’m wondering if it’d be worth it to perhaps go in a differnt direction.

The ultimate question (and maybe one only I can answer) is whether or not the custom work is worth it at this point or should i just use the out-of-the-box theme and save some heartache.My fear is I won’t be able to get the functionality I want and need professional help so that i’m not destroying all of the content it has taken me years to create. I skew more towards the UI/UX & content side and less on the HTML/Programmatic side.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide before i make a go/no-go decision on re-upping on the theme.
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How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:

Ah. Got it.

Thanks @mgscoder
I’ll follow up through the helpcenter channel rather than here. I appreciate the assist. :+1:

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