Use freepik image & graphics in UI kit

Hello, everyone I use Freepik creative images & graphics in a UI kit design. I have a premium license and I use some premium graphics and images, So what should I do about the image & graphics? I am ready to provide used images & graphics in a theme.

Need to consult about images & graphics what kind of release form should I attach?

There needs to be commercial use licenses to include them otherwise you need to take them out of the downloadable item


Should I attach a common license for all OR an individual license per image/graphic?

In the demo you probably don’t need to but you could always just bundle the licenses.

The important point is that premium subscription or not does NOT mean you have commercial use for the demo and 99.9% you definitely cannot redistribute them in the download regardless of the license

Making the design or execution too dependent on these assets will almost guarantee rejection


I use animal characters like Anthropomorphism to improve user experience.

Can I attach one release form of our profile instead of multiple bundles of different licenses?

It totally depends on the asset and the attributed license - it’s highly unlikely that one license/rule will apply to all and if you remove all of these from the download then there is less need to be concerned with including licenses