Using Freepik images in Theme Demo


I am creating a WordPress theme to sell it on Themeforest and I use many vectors from Freepik to produce the final graphic elements for my demo.
The question is can I use these graphics ( some of them are modified and some are not ) in the demo version of my theme.
And if it is ok, can I embed these graphics in the demo that users will import later when they activate the theme.

Best Reagrds

There’s license information under each download button on Freepik. As far as I know, the majority, if not all say that you can use them for commercial use, you just need to attribute (credit) them, they also give information on how to do this.

So yes, you can use stuff from Freepik in your theme and include them, you just have to make sure you include a document containing links/credits for every single item you use.